Issachar is our men’s fellowship at Own Your Faith Ministries. This ministry is founded on the description of a tribe of David’s mighty men in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that states, "Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” We aim to create a space where men are affirmed in their identity, built up in their giftedness, and inspired to live out God’s call on their lives. We hope to be men of wisdom and understanding, men of valor and strength, yet men filled with the Spirit of God who love and serve as Jesus would.




Woven is our women’s ministry at Own Your Faith. We are comprised of individuals from all different seasons of life, interlinked, intertwined, and laced together. We meet monthly in order to foster healing, restoration, accountability, faith building, and encouraging one another to stand secure in our journey with Jesus Christ.

Psalm 139: 13-18



 Sozo Wellness Initiative

Sozo aims to disciple the body of Christ in the stewardship of their health and wellness. Everyday is evidence of God’s grace, each day is a gift to us and optimal health should not be taken for granted. Self-care is our response to and partnership with that grace. Self-care is imperative to experiencing fullness of life because it is stewardship of the gift of our bodies/health. Our objectives…

  • To educate and dispel misinformation 

  • To equip with resources, tools, and strategies to make healthy choices 

  • To instill confidence 

  • To inspire sustainable healthy lifestyle changes

  • To develop a biblically informed theology of health and fitness

  • To partner with industry leaders to teach and encourage those we influence

  • To foster the culture, community, and accountability needed for a successful journey in self-care

  • To model healthy living



 A space for visitors and new members of the Own Your Faith community to hear the history and the vision of the ministry. Pastor Phil takes this time to share his heart for OYF and what he desires to see come to fruition. This is a great time to ask whatever questions may come to mind and to get a clear understand of what God will do in and through the ministry. Genesis will be scheduled quarterly. Check: for upcoming meetings.